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Collegium Da Vincis Founder, Piotr Voelkel awarded the Oscar of Business

During the Annual Gala in Warsaw, hosted on April 23rd, by the Polish Business Roundtable (Polska Rada Biznesu,, the Founding Father of  Collegium Da Vinci, Mr. Piotr Voelkel, received the Jan Wejchert Prize, often called an „Oscar of Business” in the category Vision an Innovation.  

The Jan Wejchert Polish Business Roundtable Prize  is awarded each year to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated their excellence and leadership in three categories:  Success, Social Activity, Vision and Innovation.  Jan Wejchert, was one of Poland’s first and most notable business-pioneers and for many years among the most highly acclaimed businessmen in the country.  He was famous as the co-founder of the ITI Group, one of Poland's largest media groups, as well as the co-founder and co-owner of the TVN television network.  After his premature death, the Polish Business Roundtable decided to create a namesake Award to promote best practices and socially responsible corporate standards.

Mr. Piotr Voelkel’s work was applauded for his innovative approach to conducting business,  creating new standards of corporate social responsibility and engaging in the area of practical, professional education and advancement.  Piotr Voelkel, an engineer by degree, is a widely recognized patron of numerous cultural and educational projects executed in close relationship with the business world.  He is an international art connoisseur and a highly successful promoter of the arts and of Polish design.  He founded the Vox Corporate Group composed of a cluster of construction, finishing and interior design companies.  He was a co-founder of the Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań as well as Concordia Design Center for designing arts and creativity in Poznań.  He initiated a novel program concept for the School of Form in Poznań and he founded the Da Vinci Schools along with the Polish Contemporary Arts Promotion project supervised by the Vox-Artis Foundation, another of Mr.Voelkel’s creations. 

Collegium Da Vinci community is proud to congratulate our Founding Father, Mr. Piotr Voelkel, for the received „Oscar of Business” in the category Vision an Innovation


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